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OT Dress / Hospital Scrubs Set



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Product Code: HP-OTS-02

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This Hospital Scrub set is for doctor is made of Soft polyester and cotton .This set is  designed in a way to give complete comfort feel as you operate in your busy day. It has a v-shaped neck inside rectangle top & a trouser.  It has two on the lower side of the top, two on the side of trouser and one on back. It has Elastic trouser for comfort and ease of wear. This Hospital Scrub set consist of top , trouser, mask and cap. It is easy to wash. We are the manufacturer, so you can order in bulk quantity directly.

  • Material : Soft polyester and Cotton
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Consist of top , trouser, mask and cap
  • Easy to wash
  • Neck : V-shape
  • Half Sleeves
  • Export Quality Stitching
  • Brand : ROBHA
  • Product of Nepal

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